Lead + Contact Finder Company License

$667.00 / month with 1 week free trial

You will get a free trial to our Lead + Contact Finder (L+C) product.  The trial will allow you to experience all features of L+C so you can supercharge your sales process.  L+C includes 1 million plus real time leads, a lead analyzer tool, over 55,000 contacts, and an on demand contact service.  You can also upload your own contacts and we will match them to each opportunity.


Supercharge your sales process with the Lead + Contact Finder (L+C) product.  L+C will give you access to over one million business to business real time leads that get up-dated daily.  Leads will focus on products being sold to developers, information systems, security, data science, marketing, and sales.

Our lead analyzer tool will allow you to analyze and prioritize each lead.  DB Now already has over 55,000 contacts in our system that are associated with their relevant leads.  You will be able to

  1. See contacts for  many of the leads.
  2. Identify which contacts are most likely to open their email, and get contact information for each lead.
  3. If contacts are not provided you can upload your own and we will do the matching of contacts to leads.
  4. Request contacts on demand and our team will provide you contacts and their emails.

Each lead has detailed information on what projects are being funded, how much companies are spending, and what type of projects are being funded can also studied with DB Now.

DB Now will keep you very productive building your pipeline and preparing the killer sales pitch to close each deal.

Once your free trial is over we will begin charging you a monthly fee for using L+C or you can downgrade to Lead Analysis Finder (L+), which will provide you the leads, but no contacts.

For L+C each company will buy the L+C company license for the first user and then the L+C user license for each individual user after that.




Additional information

Real-Time Leads

We are constantly analyzing millions of leads and feeding them to you in real-time.

Lead Analyzer

Simple to use lead analysis and exploration tool to help you find the leads that are optimal for your business.

Spend Analyzer

Our predictive models predict how much budget companies are setting aside to spend on their top initiatives.

55,000 Contacts

We provide 55,000 contacts with email address and social links.

On Demand Contacts

If you need contacts for a new lead you can request it on demand and we will get it for you.

Upload Your Contacts

Easily upload all your contacts and we will match them to all the leads. We can also help keep your contacts up-to-date.

Enterprise Level Support

We provide enterprise level support and best practices for you to super charge your sales process with DB Now.


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