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How I Closed $36 Million In Sales In Five Years

Five years ago was the first time I stepped into a sales role. Until then I was in product management, marketing, and operations.  With the help of several mentors I was able to close $36 million in sales in five years.  This eBook provides you some of the best practices I learned that helped me surpass any sales targets I could have imagined setting for myself.  I hope these best practices will help you in your sales career.

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This eBook will help you:

Learn What Best Practices Made Me Successful
Teach You How To Take Your Networking Game To The Next Level
Help You Be Better Prepared To Nail Your Next Deal
Make Your Sales Pitch More Powerful
Prepare You For True Success
Take Your Sales Game To The Next Level By Learning These Best Practices

If you benefited from this book and want to thank me.  All I ask is for you to do something remarkable for someone else.