DB Now Improves Your Sales Process And Takes It To A Whole New Level

Max Out Your Leads

Millions of Real-Time Leads

Turbo charge your pipeline by maximize the total number of well qualified leads. Prioritize those leads and start the sales process with a many more opportunities that will help you generate many more sales.  


Get a 360 Degree View

Data Needed To Close Each Deal

Find out all the information you can about the lead to help you prioritize leads and to nail your approach, contacts, and presentation.  Come well prepared to amaze the prospect and drive home the sale.


On Demand Contacts

Contact Information For Each Lead

Take action immediately on an opportunity you see in the system by taking advantage of our large number of contacts.  If you do not see a contact in the system you can order it on demand and get the contacts you need to make the deal happen.


Nail The Presentation

Know Your Audience And Their Needs

Never use a generic presentation again.  Have the information you need to make your presentation count.  Go in well prepared and address your prospect in their vocabulary and in the context they need to make a buying decision.


Make More Money

Easy To Use Product With High ROI

Many more leads, prioritized opportunities, more productive use of your sales team's time, and higher conversion rates lead to a greater amount of sales.  Results can be seen right away.  DB Now pays for itself.


Max Out Your Leads

More Than
Leads Analyzed

Millions of real-time leads

We continuously analyze millions of leads every day across all companies.  Our algorithms carefully scans in-coming leads across multiple business units to find top opportunities within a company or industry.  Our ability to analyze leads across departments allows us to provide a comprehensive picture of a company's investment.  Sales teams using our tools can then use the information to pitch executives who are responsible for many teams or departmental level managers who are doing the purchasing for their group.  

Without DB Now, sales teams could not possibly digest this much data and stay tuned to all the real-time job opportunities.  Sales team's would have to guess their way into opportunities through a lot of fact finding and trial and error.  Now they just need to use DB Now and immediately find top opportunities they can pursue.     

Cross Departmental Lead Analysis





Leads Analyzed



Product: 219,207

Digital: 50,644

Brand: 96,933

Communications: 257,144








Leads Analyzed



Account Manager: 210,227

Strategy: 172,498

Representative: 194,513

Business Development: 574,730

Sales: 928,414







 Leads Analyzed



Software Developer: 94,113

Solution Architect: 33,688

Web Developer: 48,250

Software Architect: 27,395



Information Technology




Leads Analyzed



System Analyst: 85,352

Quality Assurance: 86,590

Business System: 539,346







Leads Analyzed



Information Security: 237,530

Compliance: 531,751

Security: 24,246

Operations: 46,176




Data Science




Leads Analyzed



Data Science: 124,295

Data Analysis: 80,271




Get A 360 Degree View Of Your Lead

As DB NOW processes millions of leads, the system uses artificial intelligence to start compiling a digest of information about the lead that can give users inside information about the opportunity that will help them nail their sales presentation.  The following are key pieces of information DB NOW captures:

Company Strategic Outlook

Products Used

Strategic Initiatives


Job Postings

Company  Hierarchy

Project Requirements

DB Now Gives You The Inside Information You Need To Create The Perfect Sales Pitch.

Get Contacts On Demand For Each Lead

Just click one button and request one or more contacts for a specific job opportunity. Our DB Now on demand service then finds contacts that fit your requirements and delivers them to you quickly.  Save time trying to find new contacts by using our on demand service.


Contact name, title, company, domain, & location included.


Contacts will have a score for likelihood to open an email.


Contacts will have a social media link to their profile.

Profile Customers


Contacts are associated with each opportunity discovered.


Contacts will all have a valid email address. That is validated often.


Contacts will be mapped to an organization's hierarchy.


Companies can upload their own contacts and have them mapped to opportunities.

Take Advantage Of DB NOW'S 55,000+ Contacts




Marketing Contacts



 Chief Marketing Officer

Vice President Marketing

Director Marketing

Senior Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager 

 Marketing Executive

Head of Marketing






Sales & Business Development (B.D.) Contacts



Chief Sales Officer

Vice President of Sales or B.D.

Director Sales or B.D.

Sales or B.D. Executive

Head of Sales or B.D.

Sales or B.D. Manager






Developer Contacts



Chief Technology Officer

Vice President Developer or Architect

Senior Developer or Architect

Lead Developer or Architect





Information Technology



Information Technology Contacts



 Chief I.T.

Vice President I.T.

Director I.T.

Senior I.T.

Manager I.T.

 Executive I.T.

I.T. Analyst 






Security, Risk, Cyber, or Assurance

(SRCA) Contacts



Chief (SRCA)

Vice President (SRCA)

Director (SRCA)

Senior (SRCA)

(SRCA) Lead

 Head of (SRCA)

(SRCA) Analyst



Data Science



Data Science Contacts



Chief Data Science Officer

Vice President Data Science

Director Data Science

Senior Data Scientist

Lead Data Scientist

Head of Data Science

Data Scientist



DB NOW Is Very Simple To Use

Opportunity Dashboard

Get a list of all the top opportunities delivered to you daily.

Dynamic Opportunity Scoring

Based on your criteria we score the opportunities to help you prioritize your most valuable targets.

Rich Opportunity Analytics

Deep analytics to help you understand and evaluate each opportunity.


Search & Filtering

Find targeted opportunities based on custom criteria that meet your requirements.

Company & Opportunity Contacts

Contact information for opportunities and contacts to help you turn data into actionable results.

Simple To Integrate

Easily integrate your contact lists, CRM, and marketing systems with DB Now.

On Demand Lead Service

We can help you identify the right contacts for an opportunity at the click of a button. 

Limited Offer Red

Sign-up Today and Get 55,000+ validated contacts with your DB Now Subscription.

Giving You The Features You Need To Close More Deals

Simple To Integrate

Easily Integrate DB Now Leads and Data With Your Existing Sales Process

Contact Information For Each Lead

We provide contact information for each lead with email address and social links.

Rich Data To Help You Evaluate Each Lead

Get a deep dive into each lead with a lot of insider information that will help you get a 360 view of the lead.

Leads Delivered In Real-Time

As new leads are discovered they are posted directly to DB NOW.  You will get a daily feed of recent leads.

Find Out What Companies Are Spending

We are data mining millions of leads to find out who is spending and on what projects.

Over 4.6 Million Leads Analyzed

We are constantly analyzing millions of leads and feeding them to you.

Easily Manage Leads and Productivity

Easily track who is working on what leads and how successful they are on making progress with opportunities.

Upload Your Own Contacts

Easily upload all your contacts and we will match them to all the leads.  We can also help keep your contacts up-to-date.

Lead Analysis and Exploration System

Simple to use lead analysis and exploration tool to help you find the leads that are optimal for your business.

On Demand Contact Delivery

If you need contacts for a new lead you can request it on demand and we will get it for you.

Find Out How Much Companies Are Spending

Our predictive models predict how much budget companies are setting aside to spend on their top initiatives.

Cross Departmental Leads Analyzed

Analyzing company leads not only in one department, but across departments.