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Giving you the leads you need to close that deal now

Millions of real-time leads

We are analyzing millions of leads every day across all companies and DB Now can provide leads personalized to your company that have been prioritized and ranked based on your requirements.

The inside information you need

DB Now provides a 360 degree view of each lead that provides the company's strategic direction, department and project details, technology utilized, budget estimate, and skills required.

Contact information for each lead

55,000+ contacts are provided for DB Now leads.  Each contact includes email contact information and has been validated.  You can enter your own contacts or request for contacts on demand.  

Easy to use product with high ROI

Users can login and begin a search for new leads, find a lead, get the insight they need to nail their sales pitch, and select the contacts they need to make the sale. Results can be seen right away.

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Giving you the leads you need to close your next deal

DB Now Is Very Simple To Use

Get started today and start building your lead pipeline

Opportunity Dashboard

Get a list of all the top opportunities delivered to you daily.

Dynamic Opportunity Scoring

Based on your criteria we score the opportunities to help you prioritize your most valuable targets.

Rich Opportunity Analytics

Deep analytics to help you understand and evaluate each opportunity.


Search & Filtering

Find targeted opportunities based on custom criteria that meet your requirements.

Company & Opportunity Contacts

Contact information for opportunities and contacts to help you turn data into actionable results.

Simple To Integrate

Easily integrate your contact lists, CRM, and marketing systems with DB Now.

On Demand Lead Service

We can help you identify the right contacts for an opportunity at the click of a button. 

Features That Help You Find Leads

Giving you the features you need to close more deals

Over 4.6 Million Leads Analyzed

We are constantly analyzing millions of leads and feeding them to you.

Find Out What Companies Are Spending

We are data mining millions of leads to find out who is spending and on what projects.

Leads Delivered In Real-Time

As new leads are discovered they are posted directly to DB NOW.  You will get a daily feed of recent leads.

Rich Data To Help You Evaluate Each Lead

Get a deep dive into each lead with a lot of insider information that will help you get a 360 view of the lead.

Contact Information For Each Lead

We provide contact information for each lead with email address and social links.

Simple To Integrate

Easily integrate DB Now leads and data with your existing sales process

Cross Departmental Leads Analyzed

Analyzing company leads not only in one department, but across departments. 

Find Out How Much Companies Are Spending

Our predictive models predict how much budget companies are setting aside to spend on their top initiatives.

On Demand Contact Delivery

If you need contacts for a new lead you can request it on demand and we will get it for you.

Lead Analysis and Exploration System

Simple to use lead analysis and exploration tool to help you find the leads that are optimal for your business.

Upload Your Own Contacts

Easily upload all your contacts and we will match them to all the leads.  We can also help keep your contacts up-to-date.

Easily Manage Leads and Productivity

Easily track who is working on what leads and how successful they are on making progress with opportunities.

Results We Have Delivered

More leads more sales

Double Your Leads By


You will immediately double the number of leads you can generate using the DB Now Platform.  Your new leads will have budget, are ready to buy, and you will know how to approach them in order to convert them.

Increase Marketing Effectiveness By


Immediately see an upswing in your marketing effectiveness because you will be able to target your product to a current customer's pain point.  DB Now will allow you to personalize your pitch to increase conversion.

Get A Major Uplift In Sales


By hunting where companies are spending in your focused area you will get a higher conversion rate and close more deals.  No longer do you have to guess who will spend.  Now with DB Now, you know.

Increase Your Overall Revenues


You know how many people are interested in your solution and who would want to buy your product.  All you need to do is act on the information and close the deal.  We make it very easy.

DB Now's Contacts Are Worth $55,000. Giving You an Immediate ROI.

Just getting access to DB Now's contacts will give you an immediate ROI.  Purchasing those contacts from another vendor will cost you much more and will give you limited value.

We Have Been Helping Companies Achieve Their Goals 

We grew their pipeline and helped them close those deals

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